Minato Namikaze

Minato Namikaze Hokage

Minato Namikaze

Minato Namikaze

Minato Namikaze famous as Konoha’s Yellow Flash was an unbelievable shinobi who turned into the Fourth Hokage importance “Fourth Fire Shadow” of Konohagakure. Accompanying the occasion of the Nine-Tails’ strike on Konoha, Minato was equipped to seal the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox, Kurama by differentiating its chakra into two parts and fixing the Yang half into his child, and the Yin partition inside himself before kicking the bucket bravely.

Minato as child

Minato as an Academy student.

When Minato was in the Ninja Academy, he met first time future wife Kushina. Since he was a hild he dreamed of being acknowledged by the Konoha (Hidden Leaf) villagers by becoming the Hokage (Village Leader), which Kushina thought to be an hopeless dream for someone like him.

Minato saves Kushina form iwa ninja

Minato rescuing Kushina.

After some opportunity Kushina was seized by Hidden Cloud (Kumogakure) shinobi, Minato was the stand out to amaze on the way that she was abandoning strands of her red hair to stamp their trail. Minato discover Cloud Ninja and crushed them. In the wake of recovering her, Minato clarified that he had dependably cherished her hair even she pariah Minato appreciated her listening that she experienced passionate feelings for him. Minato was an extremely gifted ninja an extraordinary insight fulness that seemed just once in an era. He moved on from the Academy at the age of ten, and was added to a genin group under Legendary Sennin Jiraiya, who took an extraordinary focus in Minato, and tackled as an understudy, amidst different things showing him the Summoning Technique. He even accepted Minato could be the Child of the Prophecy, somebody who might sometime spare the planet.

Fourth Hokage Team

Team Minato.

Minato was put in charge of a genin Rin Nohara, Obito Uchiha (Leaf Ninja) and Kakashi Hatake squad of his own. During the time of Third Shinobi World War, Minato led his team on a mission into Kusagakure (Hidden in Grass Village) to destroy the Kannabi Bridge. Because Kakashi had recently become a jonin, Minato gave guidance of the mission to Kakashi while he went to help Konoha’s military on the front lines. After meeting up with the surviving and out-numbered Konoha shinobi, Minato used his Flying Thunder Technique to kill the opposing Iwagakure shinobi. He then come back to his team, just in time to save Kakashi and Rin (Leaf Medical Ninja) from another forces of Stone Village, but was too late to save Uchiha Obito(Tobi). When Hatake Kakashi (Leaf Ninja) and Rin well again from the suffering, Minato helped them complete the mission.

Minato attacking with Kunai

Minato attacks A.

When getting to be Hokage, Minato conflicted with An on a few events. On what was apparently their first gathering, Minato, Inuzuka, Akimichi, and a fourth part, faced An and his group. There, Minato and A had a crash of rate with Minato very nearly extremely harming what’s to come Raikage before B caught the assault. After accepting the sign that Konoha was withdrawing for the present, Minato waited to acclaim B’s courage and told A that he had an exceptional family and supporters encompassing him as he completed, and likewise offered A the guidance of verifying his sibling knew who he was before he got not human or jinchuriki. Minato then proclaimed that the following time they reached, it might be to put the title of “Kage” on the line.not one to permit his adversary to escape so effectively, An endeavored to assault Minato before he cleared out. Accepting that Minato might teleport to one of his extraordinary kunai, A was stunned to see the Konoha-nin show up behind his sibling before understanding that Minato had checked him prior. Awed by the way that B had responded quick enough to force one of his swords on him, Minato adulated B for his aptitudes.

Minato Saving Kakashi

Minato Saving Kakashi Using His Flying Thunder Technique

One of Minato’s brand attributes was his enormous speed and immediate reflexes, able to react fast sufficient to catch an baby Naruto mid-fall to prevent him from being stabbed by Tobi (Masked Man). He could also react to Tobi’s Kamui technique quickly enough to escape it. He is often referred to during the series as the fastest shinobi who ever lived, with the speed of the currently fastest living ninja often being compared to his own, such as A or Naruto in his Nine-Tails Chakra Mode, with the former admitting that even with his Lightning Release Armor enhancing his already enormous speed and reflexes was still outmatched by Minato. Even when assisted by his brother, A Raikage was unable to lay a hand on Minato.

  Kushina Uzumaki & Minato Namikaze.

Minato and Kushina.

At some point after the war, Minato, not yet thirty years of age, was decided to turn into the Fourth Hokage. At some focus throughout his rule, Minato taught his Flying Thunder Technique to the Hokage Guard Platoon to better support them in their obligations of serving the Hokage at any given time. While Kushina was pregnant, he read Jiraiya’s first book and loved the fundamental character’s determination — whom he accepted to be much the same as Jiraiya — chose to name their child “Naruto” in the trusts that he might be much the same as the principle character and, thus, Jiraiya. Jiraiya cautioned them that it might make him Naruto’s adoptive parent, yet they demanded that this was a great thing.



Since Kushina was the jinchuriki of the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox, unique courses of action must be made for Naruto‘s conception. Since the seal keeping the Nine-Tails inside her might debilitate throughout labor, Naruto might be subtly conveyed in a remote area outside Konoha. ANBU might watch the region and Minato might support the seal while Kushina went into labour. Not long after Naruto was conceived they were found by a covered man who had murdered the ANBU positioned outside and penetrated the cavern. The veiled ninja executed Biwako Sarutobi and Taji then took Naruto prisoner, undermining to do the same to him. Minato was ready to take Naruto back, yet this gave his adversary the opportunity to escape with Kushina to break the seal. When Minato discovered a protected spot to put Naruto and afterward teleported to Kushina, he energetic her to security about as the liberated Nine-Tails was going to murder her. With Kushina taking care of Naruto, Minato heads to Konoha to guard it from the Nine-Tails.

Minato defeats Tobi

Minato defeats the masked invader Obito

Minato landed in the unanticipated phases of the Nine-Tails’ ambush. In the wake of ensuring the town from the monster’s Tailed Beast Ball by raising an obstruction and sending the ambush somewhere else, Minato attempted to achieve the Third Hokage to educate him of what had happened, yet was halted by the covered man, who attempted to twist him away. On the other hand, Minato traveled to an alternate of his kunai, and was rapidly accompanied by his adversary. Examining his adversary, Minato came to accept that the man remaining before him was Madara Uchiha, which he tossed by saying that Madara was dead. The point when the two started battling, Minato understood that the fight might be chosen by pace, and via painstakingly timing his Flying Thunder Technique, Minato was fit to hit the covered man with a Rasengan and apply the Flying Thunder Technique seal on his once more too. This permitted him to teleport straightforwardly to the veiled ninja and utilization a Contract Seal to separate the ninja’s hang on the Nine-Tails before he could escape.

Gamabunta vs Kurama

Minato summoned Gamabunta to hold down the Nine-Tails

The point when Minato came back to the destroyed town, he summoned Gamabunta to hold down the Nine-Tails in length enough to teleport it far from the town to Naruto and Kushina’s area. Kushina then controlled it with her chakra chains and raised a hindrance so the mammoth couldn’t escape. Notwithstanding realizing that the trauma of resealing the Nine-Tails in her debilitated form might murder her, she volunteered to do it so the Nine-Tails might pass on with her.

Reaper Death Seal

Minato using the Dead Demon Consuming Seal.

Minato however differ, and rather concluded that he might utilize the Dead Demon Consuming Seal on the Nine-Tails to seal the monster into Naruto. Kushina questioned since this might mean Minato’s expiration and leave Naruto stranded. Minato demanded it was for the best since permitting the Nine-Tails to restore itself, without a jinchuriki to hold it, would inescapably cause mischief to Konoha and the Fire Country. Likewise, Minato was persuaded that Naruto was the “Child of the Prophecy” Jiraiya had once let him know about and might require the Nine-Tails’ energy to sometime crush the conceal man. Realizing that the Nine-Tails’ chakra was so enormous there was no option seal inside a baby, Minato utilized the Dead Demon Consuming Seal debilitate the devil by uprooting the Yin chakra, fixing the half inside Minato himself. The Nine-Tails understood their plans and attempted to execute Naruto, however Minato and Kushina utilized their figures to shield him.

Kushina and Minato protect Naruto

Minato and Kushina protecting Naruto from the Nine-Tails.

While Kushina provided for them her last words to Naruto, Minato summoned Gerotora, provided for them him the way to the seal he might use on Naruto, and sent him to Jiraiya. After Kushina told Naruto what amount of his guardians cherished him he seconds all that she says and afterward fixed the Nine-Tails and whatever remains of their chakra into Naruto so they might have the capacity to see him again when he was more seasoned, finish their lives. Since the Third Hokage had come to help, Minato utilized his last minutes to ask for that Konoha consider Naruto a brave person, and not the holder of the beast that brought on so much expiration and destruction.before he kicked the bucket, he fixed whatever is left of their remaining chakra into Naruto so they could some time or another see him again too, particularly if at any point the seal was going to break so they could restore it, or help him control Nine-Tails’ energy. Eventually, Minato’s rule as the Hokage was somewhat short, as Tsunade noted that he “kicked the bucket excessively early”.

Minato Rasengan and Kunai

Minato demonstrating the dynamic creation of a Rasengan.

Minato used three years making the Rasengan by watching the Tailed Beast Ball. It is the most elevated amount of shape change and it doesn’t oblige hand signs to be performed. Rather, utilizing exact control of one’s chakra to think and twist it, framing a circle in the client’s palm. It has the capacity to exact gigantic harm to its focus upon contact. The absence of fancy arrangements required for the Rasengan gave Minato leverage over other procedure clients in fight. Throughout his battle with Tobi, he has the ability to structure a Rasengan directly in the wake of tossing his stamped kunai, permitting Minato to land a destroying blow promptly in the wake of performing the Flying Thunder Technique. As its maker, Minato had incredible authority over the Rasengan, equipped to structure it in either hand and even make it bigger than whatever available client’s Rasengan (harshly the measure of the Big Ball Rasengan).

Minato's special kunai.

The kunai Minato Namikaze uses for his Flying Thunder Technique.

Minato was celebrated around the world for his utilization of the Flying Thunder Technique, later actually picking up acclaim from Tobirama Senju, the originator of this strategy, for his talented use of it. It is a space–time technique connected through the utilization of unique seals, which basically permitted him to teleport to any area with untraceable developments. By tossing kunai that had the seal connected to them behind adversary lines, Minato could wipe out a whole detachment in the squint of an eye. Minato could teleport to his extraordinary kunai even as it went through the air, through this technique, he was fit to outmaneuver Tobi’s Kamui. He was additionally fit for applying the seal to robust surfaces with his uncovered hand, permitting him to tag adversaries and provide for them himself a simple approach to track and scope them. He likewise fused this seal equation into Kushina’s seal so he could dependably gone to her support, at any time.

Minato Space–time Barriers

Minato Using Space–time barriers

Minato is likewise fit for transporting various individuals to distinctive markings at the same time. For opposing utilization, Minato was fit for actualizing space–time boundaries to counter vast assaults, for example, a Tailed Beast Ball, sending the impact to an inaccessible territory far from the town. He was later even ready to twist away a Tailed Beast Ball of bigger extents made by the Ten-Tails, and was equipped to teleport things even as huge as the Nine-Tails itself, though at the expense of an extensive bit of his chakra because of the mammoth’s gigantic size. By working in conjunction with an alternate Flying Thunder client, he can in a flash swap places with said individual and any adversary they carry along, to permit ambushes to join with the target.

Fox Key

The key to the Nine-Tails’ seal.

Minato was exceedingly gifted in fuinjutsu, which is because of Kushina showing him a percentage of the Uzumaki group’s extraordinary fixing methods. He could perform the Reaper Death Seal to seal rivals at the expense of his own soul being fixed also. Nonetheless, he was completely mindful that he couldn’t totally seal the greater part of the Nine-Tails’ chakra inside the expiration. Minato could additionally perform a seal to uproot an adversary’s control over the separate animal carried by the Summoning Technique.

Minato & Naruto

Minato placing his trust in Naruto.

It was not until the Invasion of Pain that he made a real presence in the story. The point when Naruto began to give into the enticement of force from the Nine-Tails and was going to discharge the monster, the engraving of Minato ceased him. Minato voiced his aversion of seeing the Nine-Tails once more, yet brought up that its movements had permitted him to see his child yet again. Naruto finally got on what Minato was stating, and was excited to at long last discover who his father was. Minato attempted to chat with Naruto, however the Nine-Tails continued intruding on the discussion, maddened at the vicinity of the Fourth Hokage, so Minato transported them to an alternate space that was quieter. Naruto was insulted at the thought that Minato might seal the Nine-Tails into his child, which Minato apologized for. Naruto punched him in indignation yet rapidly got over it, guaranteeing that as his child, he could deal with it.

Minato is reincarnated alongside his predecessors.

Minato is reincarnated alongside his predecessors.

In Sasuke Uchiha’s journey for replies, Minato’s soul was liberated from inside the Shinigami and accordingly resurrected by Orochimaru as well as the three Hokage that went before him, utilizing Zetsu’s spore clones as offerings. Stunned to end up in this state, Minato addressed Orochimaru about how he was fit to break the Reaper Death Seal.

Minato Introducing himself

Minato proudly brandished the emblem on the back of his haori,

Welcomed with the inquiry of who he was, Minato gladly displayed the symbol on the once more of his haori, telling the First and Second that he was the individual who had inherited the title of Fourth Hokage, satisfying Hashirama who took this as an indication of the town’s solidness, however Minato conceded he couldn’t say anything in regards to that as he had really kicked the bucket before Hiruzen had. He later sheepishly told Hashirama that his fixing within the Shinigami was because of an alternate episode than Hiruzen coming to be there. Upon Hashirama’s response on discovering that Tsunade had inherited the title of Fifth Hokage, Minato couldn’t resist the opportunity to inquire as to whether he was concerned, yet Hashirama basically dismissed his concern, noting that he had ruined the Fifth a lot when she was a youngster. After the trade between a shocked Tobirama, who was primed to strike back in the wake of listening to Sasuke announce that he may correct his requital on the town, and Hashirama, who needed to compellingly stop his sibling, Minato marveled at the way that something so basic had practically brought on the Naka Shrine to collapse.

The Hokage's set out.

Minato and the other reincarnated Hokage prepare to head out to the battlefield.

 After listening to that Madara had been resurrected on the arena and about the Fourth Shinobi World War, Minato soon felt Naruto and Kurama’s chakra on the field, and was elated that his child had figured out how to attain what he had trusted he might when he fixed the monster inside him. After Hashirama finished his story, and Hiruzen bemoaned that he had been excessively reveling a Hokage, Minato told the Third that he had completed the best he could have given the circumstances. He deplored that he had fizzled as a Hokage, having passed on throughout the Nine-Tails’ ambush on Konoha, which left his rule woefully short and missing the point of every last one of desires which had been loaded upon him. By the by, when Sasuke had settled on his choice to secure Itachi’s reparation, the four Hokages and their freshly discovered partners moved to the outside of the Naka Shrine where, upon Hashirama’s command, took his spot upon his bust on the Hokage Monument. Minato communicated fervor in at last having the capacity to meet his child and also presenting to him a present to make up for not having the capacity to be there for him as a father.

The Hokage arrive Shinobi War

Minato and the other Hokage arrive on the battlefield.

Arriving on the battlefield just in time to warp the Ten-Tails’ Tailed Beast Ball away, he figured out how to spare Naruto and the leftover of the Shinobi Alliance. There he welcomed his child — inquiring whether he was past the point of no return — to which Naruto cheerfully reacted that he was right on time. Acquainting himself with Sakura, Minato likewise noted that they would have been wise to prop themselves for effect. Simply then, the sea behind them rose up, heading Minato to first clarify that he had sent the Tailed Beast Ball out to ocean and afterward that however he was resurrected, he was on their side. Inquisitive, as he thanked Sakura for mending his child, he additionally asked if she was his lady friend. Sakura’s ensuing rough reaction to Naruto’s response helped Minato to remember Kushina. With this the other Hokage landed on the field and started vigorously quickly, at Hashirama’s command. Minato then entered his Nine-Tails Chakra Mode utilizing the Yin chakra he took from Kurama’s being, telling the other Hokage that he had recently denoted the area. With the Hokage moving to their designated area, Minato and the other Hokage utilized the Four Red Yang Formation system to trap the mammoth as they set up their counter assault. Minato later is awed by Naruto evolving the “nature” of the Rasengan in the wake of seeing the Rasenshuriken.

Minato attacks Obito.

Minato attacks Obito.

Minato’s consideration was later called to the once masked man’s shouts on the Ten-Tails. Understanding that Madara was regulating the newcomer with his chakra so he could resuscitate himself. As others around him sprung energetically to prevent this from happening. Minato then made a shadow clone and was ready to teleport straightforwardly to where the newcomer was, and is stunned to see that it was his previous scholar Obito. With acknowledgment dawned on him, as he understood that Obito had been answerable for the assault on Konoha by the Nine-Tails. Noting that the Flying Thunder stamping never vanishes as Sasuke arrived. Obito tumbles to the ground, and they turned their consideration regarding Madara. However Obito who is still alive utilized the chance to seal the Ten-Tails inside himself, at long last accomplishing his objective of turning into the brute’s jinchuriki.

As the shell fell away, Obito‘s new structure was uncovered. His presence changed sort of definitely, creating Minato to remark that this was excessively odd. As Obito reviewed the theater of operations wide-eyed, he made some chakra arms and wrecked the Four Red Yang Formation sending the genuine Minato and the other Hokage reeling. As Minato got out for him to stop, according to this, Obito essentially sounded out his name, as though it were new to him.

Mianto and Obito clash

Minato clashes with Obito once again.

Stunned to see Obito strike the First and Second with such speed, Minato by and by regarded Tobirama’s summon to make tracks in an opposite direction from the territory. Flying Gamakichi and the others to a more secure separation, Minato noted how snappy Tobirama was to act and viewed on as the Second utilized his Mutually Multiplying Explosive Tags in an endeavor to weaken Obito. The point when this finished not work, Minato noted to Sasuke that while the Hokage were actually battling to uncover Obito’s capacities, their resurrected figures might take some opportunity to reproduce and such required to purchase some opportunity. Teleporting his clone to his side, Minato noted that while it had been some opportunity since he had utilized it, he might ambush with the Spiraling Flash Super Round Dance Howl Participate Formula‎ procedure however before he was fit to do in this way, he perceived Obito’s upper half was going to assault Naruto. Simply before he was going to teleport to his child’s help, Sasuke arrived utilizing Susanoo and redirected the ambush, in the meantime, Minato, ignorant, was sent reeling by Obito’s evidently defenseless lower half. Later when both Naruto and Sasuke were struck by his previous understudy, Minato eagerly readied to travel to their area, trusting that he would make it in time.

Obito attacks Naruto and Sasuke.

Obito attacks Naruto and Sasuke.

Unable to teleport to Sasuke and Naruto‘s support as it gave the idea that the seal for the Flying Thunder Technique had vanished from Obito’s physique, Minato was fit to teleport the young men to security on account of Naruto’s speedy deduction to utilize chakra arms to associate himself and Sasuke to Minato. Glad that his child was staying aware of Sasuke, he at the end of the day turned his thoughtfulness regarding Obito, noting that they would have been wise to annihilation him while he was all the while battling to control the mammoth.

Minato's  Hand Ripped Off

Minato’s Hand Ripped Off

As Minato readied to strike Obito, the last shot an assault of his own bringing about Minato to go on edge. The assembly is stunned to see the assault stop short of them and grow, then contract again before striking Obito’s physique. Again in all out attack mode, Minato went to Obito, recollecting how his student was as a youngster, he shouted to him noting that he was en route. Minato is later stunned to see Obito’s structure change and the now in control Uchiha thus ambushed his previous sensei. Despite the fact that his arm is ripped off, Minato teleported again to what he thought was protected at the minute just to understand that Obito had connected a percentage of the perplexing substance to his physique.

Hiraishin Mawashi

Minato and Tobirama initiate the Mutually Instantaneous Revolving Technique.

Concluding that he might teleport far from Sasuke and Naruto to secure them from the strike, Minato is stunned to see Tobirama snatch the sphere before he does. As the sphere extended some separation far from them, the true Tobirama seemed noting that it was a clone who had teleported to Obito with the circle. After seeing Obito revamp unscathed, the group planned yet an alternate counter-ambush however before he and Tobirama can act, Sasuke and Naruto hurried forward resolute that they might make an opening for the Hokage to assault. As Tobirama called him to movement, Minato likewise checked Tobirama with his Flying Thunder seal noting that the procedure they were going to utilize might profit from their undying forms. Teleporting himself before Naruto and Sasuke’s ambush and with Tobirama at Obito’s area, the two Hokage utilize the Mutually Instantaneous Revolving Technique to switch spots bringing on Obito to be struck by an assault that had struck Minato prior. With this, the jinchuriki’s physique is situated on fire by the blazes

Amaterasu not working

Obito set in blaze

Looking as his previous student was set on fire, Minato was amazed to see the obscure circles head towards Obito‘s area yet Tobirama — who teleported to Minato’s side — noted that their strike had arrived before he was fit to secure himself. This excessively would additionally end up being purposeless as Obito rose up out of the flares scarcely scorched. As they started correcting their technique, Tobirama noted that Minato’s correct arm had not recovered yet and induced that Obito was utilizing Yin-Yang Release to invalidate the Impure World Reincarnation. Despite the fact that rebuked by Tobirama for acting without considering, Minato later shouted to Obito to recall his long for getting to be Hokage however the last discredited the position, as well as Minato for his failings heading Minato to winding into an episode of self mistrust, faulting the course which accompanied the Nine-Tails’ assault on Konoha on himself. His child, notwithstanding, noted that Obito ought not look down on somebody who had accomplished the post of Hokage, and as Tobirama teleported his descendants above Obito to convey a deadly blow, a surprised Minato understood that his child had additionally achieved Sage Mode like his sensei. As Minato looked on astonished, the Yin 50% of Kurama fixed inside him notes that Naruto‘s discourse was sufficient to move even it.

Minato and his son join forces with their tailed beasts.

Minato and his son join forces with their tailed beasts.

Listening on in some stun as the brute advised Minato to toss Obito‘s words and not leave his child to adjust the past. The point when Obito raised a titan tree in their middle which started to structure four Tailed Beast Balls and later when his previous learner trapped them inside an obstruction, Minato advised the Second that because of his present state he would just have the ability to teleport one of the balls under the most favorable conditions however noted that there was an alternate approach to handle their present circumstance. When he could start this counter-measure, his child let him know that he had an arrangement of his own, and listening on as he invalidated Obito’s endeavor to censure his father, Minato thought about his wife and noted that their child had developed such a great amount of before knocking clench hands with his child and reacting decidedly.

Naruto and Minato in Tailed Beast Mode

Naruto and Minato in Tailed Beast Mode using Sage Rasengan

As they bumped fists, the father-child couple merge the chakra of the parts of Kurama they each one had saved inside them. As they examine the method in their internal planet, Minato really wanted to wonder about his child’s development, and noted with regret that he must have bear a few hardships growing up, however Naruto essentially dismissed these and tells his father that the main hardship was the errand close by. Naruto’s arrangement permitted Minato to join himself, through Naruto, to the various parts of the Alliance whom had long ago been given Kurama’s modified chakra, and teleport them outside of the obstruction. The point when commended by the Second, Minato notes that this was just a begin to his compensation for his missteps and noted to his child that he might want to identify with him a touch longer. Puzzled when Naruto let him know there was no requirement as both his and Kushina’s sentiments had all been passed on to him, Minato can’t resist the opportunity to tear up at the man his child had gotten to be.

Naruto and Minato Kurama Mode

Minato and Naruto attack Obito in Tailed Beast Mode.

Noting how comparable battling close by Naruto was to battling beside Kushina, Minato appreciated Naruto’s strength in light of the circumstances. Then again, when Naruto entered Tailed Beast Mode and charged off, Minato really wanted to think about whether it wasn’t for all the wrong explanations after his child must be reminded by Tobirama that just senjutsu-based strike might work. Emulating Yin-Kurama’s lead, Minato likewise wore a Tailed Beast Mode mantle of his own to give help for his child on the arena. He instantly handled a monster Rasengan, having Naruto nourish characteristic vigor into it, while Tobirama teleported the two of them to Obito. Obito, then again, figured out how to piece the ambush, sending both men reeling rearward. As Naruto and Minato then attempted to perform a wise improved Tailed Beast Ball, Obito separates the Ten-Tails to start his Eye of the Moon Plan.

As the mammoth starts to convert into a huge tree, expecting its last structure, Naruto and Minato looked on in stun while attempting to avoid the goliath roots. Minato was equipped to withdraw to Tobirama’s side and as the Second attempted to wreck the quickly recovering roots, Minato noted that his chakra levels were so exhausted it would have been impossible teleport to Naruto’s support. As his child is spared by Hiruzen and they are all teleported some separation away, Minato looked on as his previous understudy proclaimed that they might as well all quit battling as the monster tree started unfolding its blossom.

Minato Namikaze Information
Status: Ongoing
Appearance Anime, Manga, Movie, Game and OVA
Screen Taken From Naruto Shippuden Episode #64, 119, 120, 128, 168, 246, 248, 249,  282
Manga Chapter #618, 627, 631, 637, 640, 641
Family Kushina (Wife), Naruto (Son)
Village Hidden Leaf
Affiliation  Konohagakure ( Village Hidden in Leaf )
Classification Jinchuriki
Tailed Beast Kurama (Yin Half)
Occupation Hokage
Team Team Jiraiya, Team Minato
Character in Screen Minato Namikaze, Kushina Uzumaki, Naruto Uzumaki, Hatake Kakashi, Jiraiya, Hashirama Senju, Tobirama Seju, Sarutobi Hiruzen, Obito Uchiha, Nohara Rin, Raikage A, Mahiru, Leaf Ninja, Gamabunta(Toad), Kurama(Nine Tails),
Jutsu Chakra Transfer Technique
Contract Seal
Dead Demon Consuming Seal
Eight Trigrams Sealing Style
Flying Thunder Technique
Four Red Yang Formation
Four Symbols Seal
Mutually Instantaneous Revolving Technique
Shadow Clone Technique
Space–Time Barrier
Spiralling Flash Super Round Dance Howl Participate Formula
Summoning Technique (Shinigami, Toads)
Summoning: Food Cart Destroyer Technique
Tailed Beast Ball
Tailed Beast Chakra Arms
Resolution High Definition Multiple pixels
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