Creeping Shadow – Naruto Shippuden 347

Zesu and Obito

Creeping Shadow – Naruto Shippuden 347

Creeping Shadow – Naruto Shippuden 347

Creeping Shadow is the title of the Naruto Shippuden 347 episode.

jiraiya and his students

Jiraiya thinking about his apprentice

Kakashi comes searching for Jiraiya and lets him know that the Ame Orphans are endeavoring to achieve change in Amegakure, through exchange rather than military may. Jiraiya is fulfilled to discover that the vagrants are currently growing up and thinks back of his time with them. Somewhere else at Amegakure, Kyusuke carries letters of solicitations to Yahiko, which the Akatsuki will fulfill. Yahiko is verified that the Akatsuki can surpass Hanzo one day.

Gedo Mazo

Nagatao unwillingly summoned Gedo Statue

At Hanzo’s habitation, he is educated of the Akatsuki by one of his men and communicates his regard for an organization which imparts the same objective as him. Then, Yahiko, Konan and Nagato head to a little town that was prior struck. There, they meet with an assembly of individuals, who need to assault Iwagakure yet the Akatsuki demands settling the issue through peace talks. This exertion is in vain as the Iwa-shinobi decline to arrange and use ambush on the three. Nagato is incensed, having witness Yahiko and Konan being whipped. The Demonic Statue of the Outer Path is unwillingly summoned by Nagato however Yahiko and Konan stops him.

Hanzo and Danzo

Danzo informing Hanzo about Akatsuki

Danzo and his ANBU lands to the area, to witness the vanquished bodies of the Iwa shinobi. Yahiko withdraws and the remnant of the Akatsuki accompanies, communicating their trust in him. Danzo touches base at Hanzo’s home, with the carcasses of the fallen shinobi, whom he recognized as parts of Hanzo’s group. Hanzo is stunned to hear that the Akatsuki, a gathering that imparts the same perfect as him, is responsible for this.

Creeping Shadow – Naruto Shippuden 347 Information
Status: Ongoing
Previous Episode World of Dreams – Naruto Shippuden 346 Download
About: Creeping Shadow – Naruto Shippuden 347 Download
Appearance: Anime and Manga
Arc Ten Tails Revival Arc
Screen Naruto Shippuden #347, Manga Chapter #608
Jutsu Used: Genjutsu
Character in Screen Zetsu and Obito Uchiha
Resolution High Definition JPG 1920×1080 pixels
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