Obito Taken Down by Naruto and Sasuke

Obito Taken down Naruto's Beast Sasuke Susanoo

Sasuke and Naruto slash through Obito with a senjutsu-enhanced Susanoo sword.

Obito Taken Down by Naruto and Sasuke

After Sasuke’s Susanoo completely encased Naruto’s Tailed Beast Mode mantle, Sasuke then showed his Susanoo sword. Recognizing their effective blend, Obito showed an enormous shield and the Sword of Nunoboko, arranging to captivate the two youthful shinobi. In the wake of concurring that they had one chance to bring down Obito, Sasuke and Naruto charged into fight.

While the Konoha 11 decimated the shield, Sasuke’s Susanoo sword figured out how to smash Obito’s unbelievable weapon. With his sword crushed, Sasuke and Naruto figured out how to slice through Obito with the Susanoo’s senjutsu-improved sword. Because of the accomplishment of Sasuke and Naruto’s ambush, Obito started losing control of the tailed brutes and Naruto started pulling the chakra of the tailed mammoths out of Obito.

Sasuke and whatever remains of the Allied Shinobi Forces later helped Naruto in the extraordinary chakra tug-of-war against Obito, in the end succeeding in concentrating the tailed mammoths from him. As Obito falsehoods depleted and defenseless, Sasuke drew his sword and rapidly went in for the execute, just for Kakashi to teleport before Sasuke and plan to do it himself. As Kakashi was ceased by Minato, the Fourth Hokage advised Naruto to help Hashirama against Madara, to which Naruto advised Sasuke to go along with him.

Obito Taken Down by Naruto and Sasuke Information
Status Ongoing
Appearance Manga Only
Battle Obito Uchiha vs Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha
Screen Manga Chapter #651
About Obito Taken Down by Naruto and Sasuke
Jutsu Used Susanoo, Nine-Tails Chakra Mode, Ten-Tails Malleable Chakra
Character in Screen Obito, Naruto and Sasuke
Resolution High Definition PNG/JPG 1007×466 Pixels
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