Wood Style Wood Dragon Technique

Wood Style Wood Dragon Technique

Madara using Wood Dragon Technique

Wood Style Wood Dragon Technique

Executing the mandatory seals after this, jutsu user makes some sort of gigantic wooden dragon which often resemble to help appearance tightly some sort of Chinese dragon and yes it may summoned by any surface, that is next focused to help invasion a great designed focus on.
Soon after combating having Hashirama Senju at the area on the valley of The End, Madara acquired which he had been would like to get, Soon after getting a portion of their DNA which often following a any period of time regarding version, naturally your ex the particular Wood Style nature alteration. In reference to his Wood Style ability Madara can create quite a few massive trees having which often to help invasion their opposing team right a great by long distance, and a dense forest of flowering trees, in whose pollen may make some sort of opponent unconscious. Madara may blend herself within just timber as well as he or she in addition competent at creating individual multiple wood clone including Hashirama. Madara can even employ Hashirama Wooden Dragon which often Hashirama utilized struggle with Madara.

Wood Style Wood Dragon Technique Information
Status Ongoing
Appearance Manga Only
Jutsu User Madara Uchiha
Screen Manga Chapter #607
About Wood Style Wood Dragon Technique, Wood Release Wood Dragon Technique, Mokuton Mokuryu no Jutsu
Classification Wood ReleaseKekkei Genkai, Ninjutsu, Chakra Absorption Techniques
Type Wood ReleaseKekkei Genkai
Class Offensive, Supplementary
Range All ranges
Hand Seal Sign
Technique specific seal
Character in Screen Uchiha Madara
Resolution High Definition PNG 1280×800 Pixels
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