Gunbai Barrier Jutsu

Gunbai Berrier Jutsu

Madara Gunbai Barrier Jutsu

Through channeling chakra as a result of the gunbai, Madara can certainly construct a big spherical barrier, durable ample to totally block your significant chakra receiver rods thrown together with excellent power simply by Naruto in his Tailed Beast Mode.

The Gunbai Barrier Technique

The Gunbai Barrier Technique

He is able to utilize the trademark gunbai being a mace, shield, flail, and also to be able to peel with the huge beginnings on the Shinju’s (Ten Tails) correct variety. Madara can also use this gubai being a channel for strategies, like absorb in addition to returning your power of your foe strike.


Madara Gunbai Barrier Technique Information
Status Ongoing
Appearance Anime and Manga
Jutsu User Madara Uchiha
Screen Naruto Shippuden Episode # 344
Manga Chapter #601
About Madara Gunbai Barrier Technique, Madara Army Fan Technique, Madara Shield Jutsu
Classification Ninjutsu, Bukijutsu, Barrier Ninjutsu, Chakra Flow
Class Defensive, Supplementary
Range Short-range
Character in Screen Uchiha Madara
Resolution High Definition 1280×720 PNG, 730×409 Gif – Pixels
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