Tanigakure Hidden Valleys Village

Tanigakure's Symbol

Symbol of Tanigakure

Tanigakure  meaning “Village Hidden in Valleys” is the Hidden Village of Land of Rivers.

Hidden Valleys Village

Map of Naruto World showing Tanigakure

Map of Naruto world showing Tanigakure’s location and it is showing River sign. Tanigakure is to small than other five great ninja countries and Akatsuki used as Hideout. Tanigakure neighbors are  Konohagakure, Iwagakure and Amegakure. Tanigakure location between two of the Five Great Ninja Countries.

Tanigakure Hidden Valleys Village Information
Status Ongoing
Appearance Naruto Anime Series
Country Land of Rivers
Leader Unknown
Screen Taken
Naruto Anime Series
About Tanigakure Hidden Valleys Village
Character in Screen
Resolution High Definition PNG 2061×1189 Pixel
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