Yugakure Hidden in Hot Water Village

Hot Water Village Naruto

Yugakure Hidden in Hot Water Village

Yugakure Hidden in Hot Water Village

Yugakure meas “Village Hidden in Hot Water” and it  is a small country and leading by unknown person. It lies in Land of Hot Water.

Hot Water Village Symbol

Symbol of Yugakure

Yugakure is showing water drops. Yugakure has many waterfalls. Yugakure ninja wear forehead protector with Yugakure’s symbol.

Hidden in Hot Water Village

Map of Naruto World showing Yugakure

Yugakure is to small than other five great ninja countries. Yugakure’s neighbors are  Konohagakure, Otogakure, Shimogakure and Hidden Eddy Village and it is situated  between two of the Five Great Ninja Countries.

Hidden Hot Springs Village

Entrance to Yugakure, as seen in the anime.

Within the anime, as soon as Kabuto Yakushi and Yukimaru are usually on a trip, they will halt right here in order to relax. Yukimaru fulfills Naruto Uzumaki within a scorching planting season and talks with them about how precisely minds can certainly talk. Presently there was not significantly seen from the community inside the occurrence, but it looked little and got zero protective surfaces, including additional ninja towns got. It’s possible it was only one basic scorching planting season community unassociated with Yugakure.

Yugakure's Ninja

Ninja of Yugakure Hidan

A famous and powerful member of Akatsuki  Hidan originated from Hidden in Hot Water Village. Yugakure refused to stay a hidden village and transitioned out into a peaceful and prosperous village instead. Hidan disagreed with this and slaughtered his neighbors before leaving the village. Later Hidan killed by Shikamru of the hidden leaf village.

Yugakure Hidden in Hot Water Village Information
Status Ongoing
Appearance Anime and Manga
Country Land of Hot Water
Leader unknown
Screen Taken
Naruto Episode #92
Naruto Shippuden Episode #77
About Hidden in Hot Water Village
Character in Screen Hidan , Jiraiya , Naruto
Resolution High Definition PNG 2061×1189, 848×480 Pixel
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