Takigakure Hidden Waterfall Village


Takigakure Hidden Waterfall Village

Takigakure Hidden Waterfall Village

Takigakure “Hidden Waterfall Village” meaning “Village Hidden by a Waterfall” is the ninja village known by Waterfall. Takigakure leading by there leader Shibuki. The Hidden Waterfall Village was a small but a peaceful village.

Takigakure's symbol

Symbol of Takigakure


Symbol of Takigakure is showing Waterfall sign. The whole Takigakure is hidden by Waterfall and their ninja was wear forehead protector with Takigakure’s symbol.

Hidden Waterfall Village

Map of Naruto World showing Takigakure


Map of Naruto world showing Takigakure location and it is showing waterfall sign. Takigakure is smaller than other five great ninja countries. Takigakure neighbors are Konohagakure , Iwagakure and Kusagakure . Takigakure location between two of the Five Great Ninja Countries.

Takigkure Area

Takigkure surrounding area

Tkigakure is the where Kakuzu was born around the time villages formation village tasked with Kakuzu to kill Hashirama Senju how ever he fought with him he failed to kill him. When he failed in this mission he was treated harshly and imprisoned because of villagers behavior he escaped in hatred. Before leaving Kakuzu he took the village’s treasure “Earth Grudge Fear” along with the hearts of elders.

Kakuzu of Waterfall Village

Kakuzu of Takigagur

After leaving his village he joined a criminal organization named Akatsuki. He killed many people those had ryou bounty on their head with along jinchuriki. Kakuzu was much powerful with his monstrous abilities and ts forbidden technique of Takigakure. Later he killed by Konohagkure‘s ninja Naruto Uzumaki.

Fu jinchuriki

Fu Seven Tails

Takigakure was one of the fearsome village because of they were posses Fuu who was Seven-Tails Jinchuriki. Fu was most hated by villagers according to Diedara and was kidnapped by Akatsuki and resulting of extracted Bijju, Fu was died and that the citizens were glad that she was captured and killed.

Takigakure Hidden Waterfall Village Information
Status Ongoing
About Hidden Waterfall Village
Country Unnamed
Leader Unknown
Appearance Anime, Manga and Game
Scree Taken From Naruto Episode #198
Naruto Series OVA 2
Naruto Shippuden Episode #71 , 205
Character in Screen Kakuzu , Fu Former jinchuriki
Resolution High Definition PNG/JPG 848×530, 768×480, 750×442 Pixel
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