Amegekure Hidden Rain Village

Hidden in Rain Village

Amegekure Hidden Rain Village

Amegekure Hidden Rain Village

Amegakure means “Village Hidden by Rain” and it was the led by two leaders, First was the Hanzo of the Salamandar and second was the Uzumaki Nagato (Deva Path).

Symbol of Amegakure

Rain Village Symbol

Symbol of Amegakure is showing drops of Rin and whole Amegakure hidden by rain. Amegakure buildings made by stone and pipes, there are too much tall buildings. Amegakure’s ninja wear forehead protector with Amegakure’s symbol.

Amegakure Map

Map of Naruto showing Amegakure

Map of Naruto world showing Amegakure’s location and it is showing drops of Rain. Amegakure is to small than other five great ninja countries but well guarded village. Amegakure’s neighbors are Ishigakure, Kusagakure, Konohagakure, Iwagakure, Sunagakure and Land of Rivers. Amaegakure’s location between three o the Five Great Ninja Countries has caused it to serve as a battleground during the various ninja wars, making most of its population war refugees.

Hanzo Naruto

Amegakure’s First leader Hanzo

He was the First leader of the Amegakure , Hanzo of the Salamander as show in Anime. Hanzo was a poison man and was too much powerful even three Sennin of Konoha was no match for him. Hanzo participated in the Great Ninja World War Two and Great Ninja World War Three. Hanzo led Amegakure for a long time later he killed by Pain.

Deva Path

Second leader of Amegakure Pain Nagato

After killing Hanzo, Nagato also killed all royal members of Hanzo. Pain’s effectiveness has caused the villagers of Amegakure to regard him as a leader. Pain was the leader of Akatsuki behind the shadow of Madara for a longtime he led Akatsuki and Amegakure. Pain also killed his former master Jiraiya who was infiltrated in Amegakure and later he attacked on Konoha in order to capture Naruto Jinchuriki and destroyed entire village.

Amegakure's Ninja

Shinobi of Rain Village

Naruto defeats Pain and changed the thinking of Nagato ,Nagato believed naruto he decided of sacrifice his life and died using jutsu for sake of World peace. These are ninja of Amegakure their duty was to deliver dead bodies to the highest building of Amegakure for Nagato’s Six Pain. All Amegakure’s ninja doesn’t know nothing about much Pain, Nagato and Konan.

Amegekure Hidden Rain Village Information
Status Ongoing
About Amegekure Hidden Rain Village
Country Unnamed
Leader Hanzo and Nagato (Deva Path)
Appearance Anime, Manga and Game
Scree Taken From Naruto Shippuden #81 , 129 , 163 , 272
Character in Screen Pain, Hanzo, Hidden Rain Ninja
Resolution High Definition PNG/JPG 848×530, 768×480, 750×442 Pixel
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