Yukigakure Hidden in Snow Village


Land of Snow became Land of Spring

Yukigakure Hidden in Snow Village

Yukigakure meas “Village Hidden in Snow”. Yugakure is a small country and leading by unknown person. The Snow country was a small but a peaceful country.

Yukigakure's Symbol-animeipics

Yukigakure’s Symbol.

Symbol of Yukigakure is showing snow. Yukigakure hidden by mountain ice.Yukigakure ninja wear forehead protector with Yukigakure’s symbol.

In Naruto first movie there was an actress who was princes of Yukigakure but no one knows about her secrets. Yukigakure’s ninja had a special chakra armor which protected them from most attacks while amplifying the user’s abilities. The Snow Country was leading by criminal people and hey were defeated by Team Kakashi .

Princes of Yukigakure

Princes Fuun

 Using Hexagonal Crystal snow melted and turned into like spring country, later its renamed Land of Spring. Princes Fuun was originally princes and she accepted charge of country.

At the finish of the film, the snow in the nation is accordingly softened, and the Land of Snow is renamed the Land of Spring. It is obscure what happens to the town.

Yukigakure Hidden in Snow Village Information
Status Ongoing
Appearance Movie Only
Country Land of Snow
Leader Princes Fuun
Screen Naruto the Movie 1: Ninja Clash in the Land of Snow
About Yukigakure Hidden in Snow Village
Character in Screen Princes Fuun, Kakashi, Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura and Villagers
Resolution High Definition PNG 768×432 Pixel
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