Kurama and Gyuki vs Ten Tails

Shinju Fighting Nine Tails

Bee and Naruto Facing Obito , Madara and Ten Tails

Naruto Nine-Tails and Bee EightTails blocked the Ten-Tails Bijju Dama but they quickly guard themselves using their tails, the smoke clears and some of Kurama’s tails have vanished, Gyuki’s tail has also been cut. Kurama’s tails start to restore themselves. Madara calls them stubborn for not dying, Naruto’s already under way with his new attack, his clone and Kakashi dive where Kakashi uses Kamui to take Gyuki’s leg.

Bee using Bijju Bomb against Ten Tails-animeipics

Guy and Kurama smile as this is surely to be a fantastic plan, Kakashi uses his Kamui once more which brings Gyuki’s full form out, at this point, Gyuki is creating a large Bijuu Dama which is pointed right at Ten-Tail’s eye! Gyuki decides that he’ll do this for the potential of killing it. Continue..

Kurama and Gyuki vs Ten Tails Information
Status Ongoing
Appearance Manga Only
Known Wielder Uchiha Obito and Katake Kakashi
Screen Manga Chapter #610
About Kurama and Gyuki vs Ten Tails
Character in Screen Naruto, Bee, Madara, Obito, Kurama, Gyuki and Shinju
Resolution High Definition PNG 960×531, 512,493 Pixel
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