Toroi Magnet Style Kekkei Genkai

Tori holding Fuma Shuriken

Toroi Magnet Style Kekkei Genkai

The Kekkei Genkai (Bloodline Limit Nature) is the Magnet Release is a progressed chakra nature kekkei genkai which permits the client to switch chakra into attractive constrains and charge a thing. It is recondite where it infers from however both Sunagakure and Kumogakure controlled clients of this kekkei genkai in the history.

Toroi Magnet Shuriken

The technique Magnet Style Magnet Shuriken

Kumogakure might polarize uncommon shuriken. The point when the tossed shuriken comes into association with any viable item, it causes the struck protest improve into charged. One smack to the figure will cause an attractive field inside the said form, making it a simple objective for any additional charged weapons to be attracted to it. However, each time the attraction is exchanged, it debilitates.

Toroi Magnet Style Kekkei Genkai Information
Status Ongoing
Appearance Anime and Manga
Known Wielder Toroi, Third Kazekage, Fourth Kaze and Jiga
Screen Naruto Shippuden Episode #261, Manga Chapter #516
About Toroi Magnet Style Kekkei Genkai, Magnet Shuriken
Jutsu Generic Sealing Technique, Magnet Style Magnet Shuriken
Character in Screen Toroi,Nonota, Musai
Resolution High Definition 1920×1080, 848×530 PNG Pixels
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