Jiga Magnet Style Kekkei Genkai

Jiga Magnet Style Kekkei Genkai

The Kekkei Genkai is the Magnet Style is a propelled chakra nature kekkei genkai which permits the client to switch chakra into attractive constrains and charge a thing. It is secretive where it infers from yet both Sunagakure and Kumogakure controlled clients of this kekkei genkai in the history. The anime individual Jiga likewise controlled an obviously identified competence of attraction. This was from ingesting press when he was more youthful which fundamentally made him a human magnet. This is so far the main nature conversion that does not utilize the component for straight offense. Rather, all the clients so far use it to control weapons to assault as the chakra is changed into attractive constrains, instead of metal itself.

Jiga Magnet Style Kekkei Genkai Information
Status Ongoing
Appearance Anime Only
Known Wielder Jiga, Third Kazekage, Fourth Kazekage and Toroi
Screen Naruto Episode #187
About Jiga Magnet Style Kekkei Genkai
Jutsu Magnet Ninja Art, Magnet Ninja Art Electromagnetic Vision, Magnet Ninja Art Infinite Meteors
Character in Screen Jiga
Resolution High Definition 1200×800 PNG Pixels
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