Ryuzetsu’s Kekkei Genkai

Ryuzetsu’s Kekkei Genkai

The unnamed  Kekkei Genkai (Bloodline Limit Nature) it seems that allows the user to perform Reincarnation Ninjutsu (Life Transfer Ninja Technique) as it allowed Ryuzetsu to perform the Dragon Life Reincarnation technique. It was seen only in Naruto Movie 5: Blood Prison and Ryuzetsu was the single known user. Other details, such as whether it was normal or rare and whether any other technique could be performed using it, are mysterious. This is one of the few movie-only kekkei genkai, the other known ones are Dark Release, Steel Release, and Swift Release.

Ryuzetsu’s Kekkei Genkai Information
Status Ongoing
Appearance Movie Only
Known Wielder Ryuzetsu’s Kekkei Genkai
Screen Naruto Shippuden Movie 5 Blood Prison
About Ryuzetsu’s Kekkei Genkai, The Dragon Life Reincarnation
Character in Screen Naruto, Ryuzetsu, Shizune, Tsunade, Shino and Lee
Resolution High Definition 1250×700 PNG Pixels
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