Wood Style Kekkei Genkai

Madara Wood Release
Wood Style Kekkei Genkai
The Kekkei Genkai, Wood Style also called “Wood Release” and it is an advanced nature kekkei genkai created because of synchronized use of earth and water-based chakra natures to produce wood, or complete trees. This capability can also be used to produce other aspects of trees, such as seeds or even peak plants. Wood Style techniques can be produced from anyplace, together with the user’s body, as the user’s chakra is exactly converted into a source of life. Wood Style Techniques (Mokuton no Jutsu) are normally affiliated with the Snake Hand seal.
Hashirama Wood Style Dragon The skill invented with Hashirama Senju (First Hokage), because no other member of his clan was identified to have it. His capability to use this technique (Jutsu) was one of the cause he was given the label of the First Hokage, and with Wood Style Secret Technique Nativity of a World of Trees he produced the establishment of Konohagakure. This technique also allowed him to totally reshape battlefields to his benefit. A highly popular ability, many of people have tried to duplicate his power, with a few achieving weaker versions of it via experimentation with Hashirama’s cells. As Obito Uchiha noted, Wood Style is extremely tough to manipulate because of the pure life force that his cells possess, and they can potentially overcome any who are infused with them. Danzo Shimura confirmed this when, after his chakra levels were reduced, he almost twisted into a tree as the cells overwhelmed him. It is also noted that those who integrate these cells with themselves grow Hashirama’s features on their body.
Madara Wood Daragon
The first person try to make Hashirama’s supremacy his own was his rival, Madara Uchiha. Having used their confrontation at the Valley of the End to acquire a portion of his DNA, Madara shortly applied it to the wounds he sustained. As a result, Madara was capable to execute Wood Style techniques, which he confirmed upon his reincarnation in the Fourth Ninja World War. Madara also used Hashirama’s cells, beside with the Demonic Statue of the Outer Path, to make a living clone of Hashirama. Beginning this clone, Madara was able to create different artificial humans, all of which was able of performing a weaker version of Hashirama’s Wood Style. After being fatally wounded in his mission at Kannabi Bridge, Obito Uchiha was repaired with the genetic material from the living clone by Madara, giving him the skill to use Wood Style as well.
Wood Release kekkei GenkaiA famous member of Konoha ninja Orochimaru, who desired the First Hokage’s abilities, injected Hashirama’s DNA into sixty experiment subjects, and out of the sixty only Yamato survived. With his own DNA overridden, Yamato obtained the capability to use Wood Style. Orochimaru also executed a alike procedure on Danzo Shimura by integrating the First’s cells in his right arm. While Danzo is able of using this power, it appears Danzo’s version is much simple and causes a much more significant exhaust of chakra with every usage, causing Danzo to prevent using it as much as possible. Orochimaru also reserved a sample of Hashirama’s DNA and in a while used it to reincarnate the First Hokage himself to fight for him during the Invasion of Konoha. Orochimaru himself would later obtain this coveted power after taking over the body of a spore clone.
Naruto Shippuden

Status: Ongoing 

Screen: Naruto Shippuden 213, Manga 607
Anime, Manga, Game and Movie
Known Weider: Orochimaru, Hashirama Senju, Danzo Shimura, Spiral Zetsu, Madara Uchiha, Obito Uchiha, Yamato, Zetsu
About: Wood Style Kekkei Genkai, Hashirama Wood, Hashirama Wood Dragon, Kekkei Genkai, Madara Wood, Madara Wood Dragon, Mokuton no Jutsu, Wood Release, Wood Style, Wood Style Bloodline Limit, Yamato Wood

Character in Screen: Madara, Yamato, Naruto, Wood Dragon, Kyuubi, and Susanoo
Resolution: High Definition

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