Kusagakure Village Hidden in the Grass

Kusagakure's Forest

Kusagakure means ” Village Hidden by Grass”. Kusagakure is a small country and leading by unknown leader. Kusagakure was use as a battle ground by Iwagakure.

Symbol of Kusagakure-animeipicsSymbol of Kusagakure is showing grass and whole Kusagakure hidden by grass. Kusagakure has deep forest and ninja wear forehead protector with Kusagakure’s symbol.

Naruto World Map Kusagakure

Map of Naruto world showing Kusagakure’s (Hidden Grass village) location and it is showing grass symbol. Kusagakure is to small than other five great ninja countries but well guarded village. Amegakure’s neighbors are Ishigakure, Kusagakure, Konohagakure , Iwagakure, Amegakure and Takigakure. Kusagakure’s location between three o the Five Great Ninja Countries has caused it to serve as a battleground during the various ninja wars.

Kanabi Bridge Third Ninja War Kanabi Bridge was a large bridge and located somewhere in Kusagakure. The bridge was a main pathway for Iwagakure’s supply during the Third Great Ninja World War. Team Minato, Kakashi, Obito and Rin were giving the mission to destroy Kanabi Bridge.

Heaven and Earth Bridge of Kusagakure

The Heaven and Earth Bridge located somewhere in Kusagakue. Team Kakashi went Heaven and Earth Bridge in order to find out Orochimaru’s hideout because Orochimaru once used Kusagakure as hideout later this bridge was destroyed by Naruto.

Hidden Grass ShinobiKusagakure’s ninja has some of powerful ninja who was posses Kekkei Genkai. Some of ninja was killed and used by Akatsuki as on of the Six Pain of Nagato’s Preta Path.

Hidden Grass Blood PrisonEvil presence Lantern Castle otherwise called the Blood Prison is an extensive stronghold that serves as a criminal regulation office spotted in Kusagakure, that shows up in Naruto 5 Blood Prison. Its expert  was Mui, who utilizes a definitive detainment system to seal the capabilities of his detainees.

Naruto Shippuden

Status: Ongoing
About: Kusagakure Village Hidden in the Grass
Appearance: Anime, Manga and Movie
Village: Village Hidden by Grass
Country: Unnamed Country
Screen: Naruto Shippuden Movie Blood Prison
Screen: Naruto Shippuden #38, 120, 127
Character In Screen: Kusagakure’s Ninja

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