Otogakure Village Hidden by Sound

Otogakure Hidden Sound Village

Otogakure significance Village Hidden by Sound was the individual concealed village of Orochimaru, which was established for the express motivation behind gathering ninja for his tests and his journey to study all procedures, this village was leading by Orochimaru.

Otogakure Hidden by Sound Village

Symbol of Otogakure is showing sound sign. Otogakure hidden by sound in the deep forest. Otogakure’s ninja was wear forehead protector with sound symbol.

Naruto World Map Hidden Sound village

Map of Naruto world showing Otogakure’s location and it is showing sound sign. Otogakure is to small than other five great ninja countries but it was infamous village by their criminal attitudes. Otogakure neighbors are  Konohagakure, Yugakure, Shimogakure. Otogakure’s location between two of the Five Great Ninja Countries.

Otogakure Shinobi

When Sunagakure ally with Orochimaru they attacked together on Konohagkure and Orochimaru killed Hokage Sarutobi Hiruzen who was former master of Orochimaru. In the fight Orochimaru lost his two hands and bot of Sunagakure and Otogakure lost that battle and their ninja.

Orochimaru's Demon Island Laboratory-animeipics

The Demon Lab hideout was located in Demon Island in Land of Seas. The demon lab hideout was the experimental laboratory with many transgenic creatures contained in test pillars. later it was destroyed while their scientist was fighting with Konoha‘s ninja.

Orochimaru's  Hidden Grass Villag Hideout

This hideout was situated somewhere in Kusagakure. A gigantic snake showing Orochimaru’s authority and Sasuke was there to. It was the hideout where to Sai was kill to Sasuke. It was destroyed when team seven reunited.

Orochimaru Secret Basment

The Eastern Hideout was small hideout and it was also built underground. This hideout there was Orochimaru failed to attempt over take Sasuke’s body however Sasuke take over Orochimaru’s body instead. Sasuke also freed Suigetsu from this hideout and Suigetsu joined Sasuke, he was the first who joined Sasuke.

Orochimaru's Southern Hideout

The Southern Prison Hideout of Orochimaru located in the end of Land of Waves. The southern Hideout was guarded for there prisoners under Karin. later there prisoners was free by Sasuke and Suigetsu and Karin join with Sasuke’s team Hebi.

Orochimaru's Northern Hideout-animeipics

The Northern Prison Hideout of Orochimaru and he used to conduct his human experiments with the cursed seal .Jugo kept here since he was the origin of cursed seal. Sasuke freed Jugo and Jugo become comrade of his team.

Orochimaru's New Unknown Hideout

After Suigetsu and Jugo got away from the samurai jail of the Land of Iron, they made a trip to a safe-house in an obscure area. It has the mouth of a snake for a doorway and some snake-like candle holders on the dividers. Here, Suigetsu discovered a mystery chamber after Jugo had assaulted him and broken a false divider. Inside his mystery chamber, Suigetsu considered a parchment itemizing how to summon Shinigami and take back the substance within.

Fire Style Bomb Blast Dance Information
Status Ongoing
Appearance Anime and Manga
Village Village Hidden by Sound
Screen Naruto  #171
Naruto Shippuden #47 , 113 , 116 , 117 , 260, 331
About Otogakure Hidden by Sound Village
Leader First Leader Orochimaru
Character in Screen Anko , Sasuke , Naruto , Shino , Ino and Sound Ninja
Resolution High Definition Multiple Pixel
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