Kirigakure Hidden Mist Village

A Village Hidden by Mist



Kirigakure means “Village Hidden by Mist” hidden village of the Land of Water and one of the Five Great Ninja Countries. Their country is under control by the leader and their leader known as the Mizukage.

Hidden Mist Village Symbol

Symbol of Kirigakure showing drops of water and whole Kirigakure hidden by mist. Kirigakure buildings made by stone and there are small and tall buildings. Kirigakure’s ninja wear forehead protector with Kirigakure symbol.

Map of Hidden Mist
A Map of Kirigakure as show in Manga. Kirigakure is too much distance from other ninja countries and Kirigakure has many mysteries and many are still unsolved. Kirigakure’s ninja wear brown color uniforms underneath purple jackets.
Second Mizukage of Hidden Mist Village
He was the Second Mizukage of Hidden Mist and its meaning (Second Water Shadow) of the Kirigakure. He was one who got second title of Mizukage. He died While he was fighting with Second Tsuchikage as he mentioned that they both killed each other.
Fourth Mizukage of Hidden Mist
Yagura was the Fourth Mizukage of the Hidden Mist Village. Mizukage Yagura was one of the Jinchuriki of Three-Tails Bijju. In his era Hidden Mist Called as a Bloody Mist because of there was too much terrorism and behind the all scan was Akatsuki. Mizukage Yagura being manipulated by Uchiha Madara and ge was one who ordering behind the Mizukage Yagura controlling him.
Mizukage of Mist Village
She is the Fifth Mizukage of the Hidden Mist Village. With her good looking  and personality also admirable in the Mist Village. She posses Kekkei Genkai combining his natures chakra elements. In era of the Fifth Mizukage Mei Termui there is no sign of bloody mist all gone when Akatsuki left Kirigakure.
Mizukage with Ao and Chojuro
Akatsuki is one of the most wanted criminal Organization,  Murdering , Kidnapping and Destroying and their criminal activities was increasing more enough. All of Akatsuki’s doing got noticed and Five Kage decided to take action upon them. On the Raikage’s request all five age gathered at the Land of Iron and their meeting was moderated by Samurai  Mifune leader of the land of iron. For attending meeting Mizukage Mei Termui heading to the Five Kage Summit with Kiri guards Ao and Chojuro.
Fourth Ninja World War
After agree Mizukagae Mei Termui and Fudal Lords of creating Allied Ninja Forces, Kirigakure’s ninja participating in Great Ninja Fourth World War. Now Mizukage Mei Termui is fighting for Fudal Lords safety in the Fourth Ninja World War.
Naruto Shippuden
Status: Ongoing
About: Hidden Mist
Appearance: Anime and Manga
Land: Water Country (Land of Water)
Mizukage: First Mizukage, Second Mizukage, Third Mizukage, Fourth Mizukage Yagura, Fifth Mizukage Mei Terumi
Screen: Naruto Shippuden #31 , 199 , 218 , 251 , 261 , 267
Character In Screen: Second Mizukage , Fourth Mizukagea Yagura , Fifth Mizukage Mei Termui , Ganryo , Ao , Chojuro

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