Sunagakure Hidden Sand Village

Hidden Sand Village-animeipics

Sunagakure means  “Village Hidden by Sand” hidden village of the Land of Wind One of the Five Great Ninja Countries their country is is under control by the leader and their leader known as the Kazekage.

Symbol of Seand Village
Symbol of Sunagakure showing Hourglass (Sand Timer) contains Sand and whole Sunagakure hidden by sand. Sunagakure buildings made by hard sand and Sunagakure’s ninja wear forehead protector with Sunagakure’s symbol.
Map of Hidden Sand
A Map of Sunagakure as show in Manga. Sunagaure is neighbors are Ishigakure , Amegakure , Iwagakure and Land of Rivers. Sunagakure had many fights with Iwagakure. Sunagakure ninja’s wear brown uniforms underneath flak jackets.

First Kazekage of Sand VillageHe was the first Kazekage means (First Wind Shadow) of the Sunagakure. He was one who found Sunagakure and He wore a mask that covered his half face.In Sunagakure he was the first who learned about the power.

Second Kazekage of Sunagakure

He was the Second Kazekage means and its meaning (Second Wind Shadow) of the Sunagakure. He was one who got second title of Kazekage. He said to have gathered all the desert-dwelling shinobi under his control with his overwhelming power of Jinchuriki.

Third Kazekag og Sand VillageThe Third Kazekage is well known in Sunagakure history. Third Kazekage is the most powerful ninja in entire Sunagakure. He posses Kekkei Genkai with combining his magnetic chakra and iron sand. Third Kazekage was the leader of the Sunagakure in Third Great Ninja World War. Later third Kazekage defeated by Sasori and kidnapped. After killing him Sasori turned him into human puppet and made it his favorite puppet. Sunagakure did not know this and searched earnestly for his whereabouts.

Fourth Kazekage of Hidden Sand

When villagers give up to find Third Kzekage and choosed the Fourth Kazekage who was father of Gaara. He was one who ordered Chiyo to seal Shukaku with his youngest son and as a result Karura, Gaara’s mother died during childbirth. During the Chuunin exam in  Konohagakure, Fourth Kazkage ally with Orochimaru in order to destroy Konohagkure and for backup Sunagakure’s ninja but he deceived by Orochimaru and get killed by his own ally.

Hidden Sand Fifth Kazekage

After the third incident Gaara was choosen for the Fifth Kazekagae because he was son of the Fourth Kazekage and the most powerful ninja on that time with the power of bijju. A few years ago when was Forth Kazekage alive Gaara was a killing machine a clod heart even who can kill his own brother. During his childhood he was hated by the villagers, his father and no one want to e a friend with him. Losing parents love his hatred grow more and more. During the Konohagakure chuunin exam where he fought with Naruto with his full Bijju power and got defeated by him and thought a lesson him that a family and friends is everything for him that’s why he fought him in order to save my friends. Those words engrave in Gaara’s heart and after that he totally changed and changing his personality Sunagakure’s higher ups decide to make him Fifth Kazekage.

Reincarnation JutuAfter becoming the Kazekage Gaara got defeated and Kidnapped by the Akatsuki included a man who also from Sand Sasori. Sungakaure got help from Konohagakure and perused Akatsuki but they were late and bijju extracted and Kazekage Gaara died. Elder Chiyo of the Sand and Sakura of the Leaf defeated Sasori one who involved in kidnapping Kazekage Gaara and he was grandson of Elder Chiyo.  With the help of Konohagakure’s ninja she used One’s Own Life Reincarnation Technique and revived Kazekage Gaara in exchange of her own life.

Gaara Temari and KankuroAkatsuki is one of the most wanted criminal organization. Murdering , Kidnapping and Destroying Akatsuki’s doing got noticed and Five Kage decided to take action upon them. In order to meet Five Kage their meeting namely Five Kage Summit was arranged in the Land of Iron. For attending meeting Kazekage Gaara with his guards Temari and Kankuro going to the Five Kage Summit.
Suna ninja in War
After agreed Kazekagegage Gaara creating Allied Ninja Force Sungakure ninja participating in Great Ninja World War. Now Kazekage Gaara is Regiment Commander-in-Chief of the Fourth Great Ninja World War.


Naruto Shippuden
Status: Ongoing
About: Sunagakure
Appearance: Anime and Manga
Screen: Naruto Shippuden Episode # 31, 91, 199, 218, 261
Screen: Naruto OVA 5 Chunin Exam on Fire Naruto vs. Konohamaru
Screen: Manga #648
Land: Wind Country (Land of Wind)
Kazekage: First Kazekage, Second Kazekage, Third Kazekage, Fourth Kazekage, Fifth Kazekage Gaara
Character In Screen: First Kazekage, Second Kazekage, Third Kazekage, Fourth Kazekage, Kazekage Gaara, Elder Chiyo, Uzumaki Naruto, Temari, Kankuro

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