Iwagakure Hidden Stone Village

Hidden Stone Village-animeipics

Iwagakue means  “Village Hidden by Rock” hidden village of the Land of Earth One of the Five Great Ninja Countries their country is is under control by the leader and their leader known as the Tsuchikage.

Symbol og IwagakureSymbol of Iwagakure showing stones and Iwagakure well known for theirs Ninja’s attitude. Whole Iwagakure surrounded by rocky mountain country and because of rocky mountain it is naturally stronghold by nature.

Map of Hidden Stone

A Map of Iwagakure as show in Manga. In anime only Kurotsuchi and Akatsuchi Iwagakure ninja’s in red color outfit with and without sleeves and jacket brown color showing stone ninja.

First Tsuchikage of IwagakureHe was first Tsuchikage of the Iwagakure. He was one who found Iwagakure. He was member of Kamizuru clan. using a great technique first user who can use Flight Technique.

Mu of Hidden Stone

Mu was the Second Tsuchikage of the Iwagakure. He was so powerful in his era using three elements, Earth, Wind and Fire he can create a new jutsu called Dust Release: Detachment of the Primitive World Technique and Mu was the first who called Kekkei Tota Shinobi. He was the second ninja who can use Flight Technique. As Second Mizukage mentioned that they both killed each other.

Third Tsuchkage onoki

Onoki is the Third Tsuchikage of the Iwagakure. Onoki is the student of Second Tsuchikage Mu. Onoki is also called Kekkei Tota Shinobi and Mu taught him Dust Release: Detachment of the Primitive World Technique. Onoki also can use Flight Technique and he was third ninja in Iwagakure posses this technique.

People of Hidden Stone

Iwagakure ninja are strong like stone with their attitude. Iwagakure’s building made by rocks and most of building are connected each other with bridge.

Four and Five Tails

 During the First Ninja War First Hokage Hashirama Senju distributed tailed beast to each Great Ninja Countries in order to maintain balance amongst the nation. Four Tails and Five tails were in Iwagakure’s possession later they captured by a well know Criminal Organization Akatsuki. Five Tails Han captured by Akatsuki by unknown circumstances and Four Tails Roshi was captured by Akatsuki member of Kisame Hoshikage.

Kanabi Bridge before destroyingIwagakure was also participate a little role in the Second Ninja World War but they becomes main focus fighting with Sunagakure (Hidden Sand) in the Third Ninja World War. There are three villages between Sunagakure and Iwagakure, Kusagakure , Amagakure and Ishigakure due to their close proximity they had many battles over the years because of their enmity both countries ninja have hated most each other. After the participation in the Fourth Great Ninja World War they become allies.

After destroyed Bridge

Because of Kanabi Bridge, Iwagakure have advantage to pushing back Konoha in the Land of Fire but when Konoha destroyed the Kanabi Bridge, Konoha turned war victory in their favor because of destroying Kanabi Bridge, Iwagakure’s line of supply was completely ended.

Tsuchikage & guards

Losing Jinchiriki, Kidnapping, Killing and after the great Akatsuki terrorism Five Great Ninja Nation decided to take action against Akatsuki. Five Kage Summit were decide at the land of Iron. Third Tsuchikage and their guards Kurotsuchi and Akatsuchi heading to the Land of iron for the Five Kage Summit.

War about to start During the Five Kage Summit Mifune Leader of the Land of Iron said in order to defeat Akatsuki we should make World First Allied Ninja Force of the Five Hidden Villages the Other Kage agreed on the Allied Ninja Forces and who will lead the Allied Ninja Forces is chosen of Konohagakure Hokage Danzoo but something suspicious about him find out a kiri ninja Ao but somehow Hokage Danzo escaped and later Raikage A becomes Allied Ninja Forces Leader at the same time Tobi showed and declared the Fourth Great Ninja World War. Also Iwagakure Ninja participating in World Great Ninja War against Akatsuki.

Ninja Fighting in War

Under the Darui First Division Commander, Hidden Stone, Hidden Leaf, Hidden Sand, Hidden Cloud and Hidden Mist Ninja using Earth Style Jutsu against Kinkau. Yet War is still continue and participating of the Iwagakure is the biggest help in this War.

Naruto Shippuden
Status: Ongoing
About: Kumogakure
Appearance: Anime and Manga
Screen: Naruto Shippuden Episode # 102 , 199 , 205 , 261 , 266 , 267 ,  270
Land: Earth Country (Land of Earth)
Hokage: First Tsuchikage, Second Tsuchikage Mu, Third Tsuchikage Onoki
Character In Screen: First Tsuchikage , Mu Second Tsuchikage , Onoki Third Tsuchikage , Kurotsuchi , Akatsuchi , Kakshi , Minato , Rin , Allied Ninja , Four Tails and Five Tails

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